Writee is an AI writing assistant that combines efficiency and creativity to help users create informative and engaging content. The tool offers AI, grammar, and metrics functionality to help users write faster, and it has generated over 1.7 lakh words in just one month. By using Writee, users have decreased their writing time by over 104% and increased client satisfaction by over 82%. Writee offers a three-step process: users choose a tool from their toolkit to generate a first draft, then they add their human touch to the AI-generated content using the integrated grammarly and content metrics, and finally, they edit and share the content. The tool also supports collaborative writing, allowing users to manage teams, edit drafts, and collaborate with multiple writers. Writee offers a 14-day free trial without requiring a credit card and provides options for integrating the tool into users" workflows. Overall, Writee is an AI-powered writing platform designed to streamline the writing process and help users create high-quality content efficiently.