Inbox Narrator


Inbox Narrator is an AI tool that summarizes your incoming emails and delivers them to your voice assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant, to be read aloud to you. It offers a seamless and convenient way to listen to summarized email content while going about your morning routine. The tool works by connecting to your Gmail account, providing read-only access to your emails to ensure privacy and security. It then uses AI to generate summaries of your new emails and delivers them to your voice assistant every morning. While Inbox Narrator currently provides general summaries, they are continuously working to introduce more customization options in the future. The subscription fee for Inbox Narrator is $3.99 per month, but there is a money-back guarantee during the first month if you"re not satisfied. It can be used on multiple devices that support Siri or Google Assistant and is currently designed to work with Gmail, although they may consider adding support for other email providers in the future based on user feedback and demand. Support is available via email for any assistance or feedback.