Webwhiz Ai


WebWhiz is an AI tool that allows users to train ChatGPT on their website data and build a customized chatbot. With this tool, users can instantly answer customer queries on their website without the need for coding. The chatbot is easy to integrate into the website by inserting a script tag. WebWhiz ensures accurate responses by only answering based on the given data from the website. The tool also provides regular data updates by crawling the website to keep the chatbot trained on up-to-date information. Users can customize the appearance of the chatbot to match their website theme and fine-tune the results further from the project dashboard. WebWhiz simplifies the process of creating and training a chatbot by offering a user-friendly interface. It is available as a free and open-source option, but users can also choose a cloud-based solution with additional features and support. The pricing options vary based on token usage and include monthly or annual subscriptions. The tool is transparent, private, and secure, with its code available on GitHub for review and contribution.