Vowel is an AI-powered video conferencing and meeting software that aims to improve the efficiency and productivity of meetings. It offers features such as meeting transcription and recording, collaborative agendas and notes, AI-powered summaries and action items, and integration with Zapier. With Vowel, users can instantly access AI-powered summaries, real-time AI action items, and meeting transcripts and recordings, reducing the need for administrative work and follow-ups. The tool also allows users to skip optional meetings and catch up later with MeetingGPT, revisit conversations and get the key takeaways in seconds. Vowel provides features like timers, emojis, and notes that facilitate communication and collaboration during meetings. It enables users to search for specific topics covered in a meeting and jump to that point in the video for context, bookmark important moments, and create clips to share with teammates. Vowel aims to streamline meeting processes by combining agendas, notes, transcripts, recordings, and summaries in one platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools and additional storage space. The tool can be used for various types of meetings, such as one-on-ones, research sessions, all-hands meetings, sales calls, design reviews, and weekly team meetings. Vowel has received positive feedback from customers, who highlight its value in promoting collaboration, saving time and improving meeting experiences. The tool is also committed to privacy and security in video conferencing. Users can try Vowel for free.