Vanna is an AI-powered Python package that allows users to quickly generate SQL for their databases. It supports popular database platforms such as Snowflake, BigQuery, Athena, and Postgres. With Vanna, users can write complex SQL queries in seconds by leveraging its AI capabilities. The tool offers a sample notebook for users to test its functionality and is compatible with various platforms like Jupyter notebooks, Streamlit, and Slackbot. Vanna.AI also focuses on training data management to ensure high accuracy rates for text-to-SQL conversions. Users can flag queries for review and allow the AI to self-correct based on error messages. Analysts can review and train the AI to improve its performance and accuracy. The tool provides transparent accuracy reporting, allowing users to monitor AI performance in real-time. Vanna.AI offers a free tier for testing and low usage, as well as paid tiers for team and enterprise usage, with options for hands-on onboarding and customized deployments. Overall, Vanna.AI is a powerful AI business intelligence assistant that automates the process of generating SQL queries, improves accuracy rates, and provides transparent reporting, making it beneficial for various data analysis and database management tasks.