Usage Panda


Usage Panda is a security and observability tool designed for OpenAI APIs. It provides granular control, visibility, and security features to ensure safe and efficient usage of AI services. Usage Panda offers policy enforcement capabilities, allowing users to define custom policies and limits for requests. It also includes cost management features to prevent surprise bills by setting cost thresholds. Debug logging allows users to log and track request details, and granular controls enable the creation of multiple connections with custom policies. Prompt monitoring helps to detect and block malicious attempts to alter or reveal system prompts. Usage Panda provides dashboards, metrics, and custom charts for detailed usage exploration, and also sends billing alerts to notify users before usage limits or billing thresholds are reached. It offers real-time data logging without delays, and supports user tracking to associate costs and policy violations with application users. Usage Panda ensures secure connections by not storing or logging OpenAI API keys, and supports multiple currencies for usage tracking. The tool has an affordable usage model with developer-friendly pricing. Overall, Usage Panda is a comprehensive and versatile tool that enhances security, control, and observability for organizations using OpenAI APIs.