TTSLabs is an AI Text to Speech service designed for Twitch streamers. It offers streamers the ability to customize their Text to Speech with unique features such as enabling custom voices, adding sound clips, and more. The tool provides a dedicated desktop app for seamless management and playback of Text to Speech, allowing easy customization of prices, voices, sound clips, and other settings. It boasts fast processing times, generating 20 seconds of audio in less than 3 seconds. Viewers can also benefit from a custom guide that displays enabled alerts, voices, sound clips, and minimum values for Text to Speech. The tool can be synced with Streamlabs or StreamElements to control Text to Speech donations through a dashboard. Other features include profanity management with preset levels and filters, and the ability to add unique sound clips to enhance the creativity of Text to Speech donations. The tool supports various voices created using speech synthesis to artificially produce human speech, offering a wide range of options for Twitch streamers to personalize their content and engage their audience.