THUNDER AI CHAT is an AI content generation app that enhances conversations with ChatGPT, OpenAI"s powerful language model. It allows users to highlight and format text, making it easier to navigate and find important parts of the conversation. The app has a minimal design with full-screen mode and light and dark modes to help users stay focused. Advanced search filters enable users to search for specific content within conversations. Unique to this app is the ability to customize ChatGPT"s settings, like temperature, for tailored and creative outputs. It also overcomes the 4000 token limit of ChatGPT, allowing users to have extended conversations and go deeper into topics. The app is designed to streamline workflow and boost productivity for busy professionals by providing features such as advanced search filters, customizable settings, and an intuitive design. It can be used for various applications, including content creation, social media management, sales and marketing, productivity, blogging, and market research. Currently available for macOS, but plans for expansion to other platforms are underway.