Textgpt Chat


TextGPT is an AI messaging assistant for iPhone that allows users to engage with ChatGPT seamlessly through iMessage. It offers a range of functionalities, including answering questions, planning travel, providing recipes, and even serving as a platform for self-expression. The tool simplifies the user experience with no need for app downloads, API management, or passwords. Users can have instant messaging conversations with the bot, whether starting new ones or continuing existing ones. TextGPT is designed to be user-friendly, accessible through iMessage, and requires only a phone, without the need for websites or additional passwords. Additionally, TextGPT offers a unique feature called "Canvas Creator," which turns iMessage into a personal art studio, enabling users to design their own wallpapers. The tool offers different subscription plans, ranging from a Pro Plan to an Ultra Plan, with pricing options in weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals. Users can try TextGPT for free before committing to a subscription.