TextBuilder is a fully automated AI tool that assists in generating articles for blogs. Its primary features include automated AI text generation, AI idea generation for topics, AI image generation for posts, automated internal and external links, and scheduled and direct posting to WordPress. The tool allows users to find ideas for hundreds of articles with just one click and automatically generate and publish them using GPT-3/chatGPT. It offers a 1-Click article generator for professionals who need high-quality articles and provides the ability to regenerate or customize the generated content. TextBuilder also offers features such as getting topic ideas from search engine results, grabbing outlines from websites, adding images to articles, and a WordPress plugin for instant publishing. It is compatible with chatGPT prompts and offers drag-and-drop functionality for easy content creation. This tool is suitable for various users, including affiliate marketers, copywriters, bloggers, ad experts, and startup founders. It can be used to create various types of content such as listicles, product reviews, blog posts, social media content, eCommerce descriptions, website texts, and startup ideas. Users have praised TextBuilder for its ability to generate high-quality and unique content, improve writing speed, and increase income. The tool is user-friendly, even for non-experts in creative writing. Overall, TextBuilder is a valuable AI tool for automating and enhancing the process of generating content for blogs and other online projects.