Summary Box


Summary Box is a free online AI-powered text summarizer tool that allows users to easily generate shorter summaries of articles on the web. It uses advanced AI technology to create abstractive summaries in its own words, understanding the information and writing summaries that are easy to comprehend. The tool automatically detects articles and provides a button to summarize them. It also offers a time-saved tracker to measure the amount of reading time saved, a summary length slider to adjust the level of detail, bookmarking for saving summaries, a "Test Questions" feature to generate thought-provoking questions based on the content, and integration with various platforms and file types. With a premium subscription, users gain additional features like automatic question answering, PDF and Google Docs summaries, and an audio summarizer. The tool is praised for its simplicity, effectiveness, and time-saving capabilities. It can be used in various applications, from quickly summarizing news articles to enhancing studying and research efficiency.