Story Path


The Story Path AI tool is a powerful resource for writers that offers both book planning and a cure for writer"s block. By inputting a few details about their story, such as genre, characters, or a brief description, writers can generate branching options for their plot and explore various "what if?" scenarios. The tool helps writers flesh out their ideas and provides suggestions for plot points, allowing them to customize and focus their story along several possible paths. With Story Path, writers can overcome writer"s block, find inspiration, and outline their entire story or specific sections. The tool also offers options for organizing and color-coding story paths, as well as the ability to export finished paths as PDF or Word documents. Additionally, the tool can be paired with the companion app,, which includes an AI Writing Assistant to help writers write faster and clearer. Story Path is a valuable AI brainstorming assistant that empowers writers to bring their ideas to life quickly and efficiently.