SpeakNotes is an AI-driven mobile app that transcribes and summarizes voice notes. With advanced AI technology, SpeakNotes allows users to effortlessly convert their voice notes into text, saving time and ensuring that important details are not missed. The app"s accurate voice-to-text transcription feature eliminates the need for manual transcription and provides highly accurate transcriptions. SpeakNotes also breaks language barriers by allowing users to transcribe and summarize voice notes in multiple languages, enabling effective communication across different languages. The app offers organizational features such as creating multiple folders to keep notes structured and easily accessible. It also provides additional functionalities like combining multiple notes, exporting summaries as images, easy search and retrieval, and in-app editing capabilities. Users can curate diverse ideas, upload existing voice notes from other platforms, and even upgrade to the Pro version for extended features. While the app is free to use, the Pro version offers advanced features such as exporting summaries as images, editing original transcriptions, combining multiple notes, and uploading audio/video files. SpeakNotes requires an internet connection to access its AI models for transcription and summarization.