Soundbite is a next-generation communications tool that aims to create human connections within organizations through a TikTok-style platform. It provides a content-centric space where employees can share their experiences and engage with company updates. The tool offers features like tracking engagement on messages, providing omni-channel notifications, and leveraging existing investments in Microsoft 365. Soundbite Wizard allows users to turn audio and video content into ready-to-edit blogs, social media posts, and summaries. The tool emphasizes inclusivity, offering a multisensory communications experience that can be read, listened to, or watched. It promotes real dialogue and stronger relationships by fostering relatable and inclusive content. It also enables easy communication for frontline workers and offers modern distribution and notification features for streamlined messaging. Soundbite claims to be more efficient, engaging, and likely to be read or listened to compared to traditional email methods. It also helps manage change and facilitates business growth through integrated solutions using voice and video. The tool integrates with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Viva, Cisco, and third-party apps. Overall, Soundbite aims to transform internal communications, making them more engaging, efficient, and accessible.