Sonix is an AI-powered tool that automatically converts audio and video files into text. It uses industry-leading speech-to-text algorithms to transcribe podcasts, interviews, speeches, and more in a matter of minutes. With Sonix, users can search, edit, organize, and share their transcripts from anywhere using the in-browser editor. The tool supports over 38 languages and offers automated translation for increased global reach. Users can also generate automated subtitles, create concise summaries of transcripts, and collaborate with teams by granting access to upload, comment, and edit files. Sonix integrates with various tools, from video editing platforms to web conferencing systems, to optimize workflow efficiency. The tool emphasizes data security and privacy with multiple layers of protection. Sonix is fast, accurate, affordable, and widely used by millions of people worldwide. Users can try Sonix for free with 30 minutes of transcription included.