Socratic is an AI-powered project management and planning tool designed specifically for software teams. It uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights and streamline task management, allowing teams to work better, faster, and easier. Socratic offers features such as instant answers, real-time health and progress tracking, team capacity management, intelligent forecasting, automated workflow with Git integration, and prescriptive, actionable intelligence. With Socratic, teams can easily spot bottlenecks, prioritize tasks, optimize workloads, and make data-driven decisions. It eliminates the need for manual rollups and estimation, providing accurate historical data and projected durations for tasks. Socratic"s unique selling points are its ability to deliver continuous improvement out of the box, flexibility in organizing work and objectives, and the built-in Trends feature that tracks improvement over time. Overall, Socratic is a comprehensive tool that empowers software teams with valuable insights, helping them deliver projects more efficiently and effectively.