Sidekick is a free calendar and appointment scheduling software powered by AI. It communicates through your email and is available on mobile and web applications. The tool offers three main ways to schedule meetings: Forward to Schedule, Scheduling Pages, and Sidekick Scheduling. With Forward to Schedule, you can simply forward an email to Sidekick, and it will handle the rest. Scheduling Pages allow you to set up individual and team scheduling pages to book meetings easily. Sidekick scheduling works well with other Sidekick users, finding the best times for everyone. It also integrates with popular tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Calendars. Team Pages make it easier to schedule meetings with multiple team members. Sidekick can send reminders and calendar events automatically and also sends out meeting invites. While it doesn"t offer full white-label branding yet, you can remove Sidekick branding when scheduling meetings with a paid feature. Sidekick aims to make scheduling easier and save time, making it useful for anyone who frequently books meetings.