Shortify is an AI-powered tool that allows users to summarize articles, YouTube videos, PDFs, and other types of content. The tool works in all apps, making it easy to summarize any piece of information with just a tap. Shortify aims to save users time by providing concise summaries of lengthy content, making it ideal for scenarios such as summarizing YouTube videos from friends, clearing out a backlog of browser tabs, or quickly understanding articles before reading them. Users can access Shortify by tapping the Share button in their favorite app or site. In addition to summarizing content, Shortify also offers features such as shorter summaries, the ability to share summaries, and the option to view statistics on time saved. The tool is privacy-focused, as it does not collect personal data, use third-party trackers or ads, and does not require account signup. Shortify offers 100 free summaries, with additional usage priced accordingly.