SheetAI is a Google Sheets add-on that provides a suite of AI-driven functions to enhance your spreadsheet experience. It allows you to automate tasks, generate insights, and supercharge your sheets with AI functionalities. With SHEETAI_BRAIN, you can simplify copywriting by retrieving essential information and generating content for apps using references. SHEETAI_LIST generates multiple AI-generated answers, giving you diverse solutions and perspectives. With SHEETAI_FILL, you can effortlessly populate data, clean up email lists, and generate dummy data using the power of AI. SheetAI unlocks the power of AI in your spreadsheets, enabling you to sanitize data, generate text, predict values, and more. Users have praised SheetAI for its productivity and effectiveness in various applications, including generative AI for marketing purposes. Overall, SheetAI is a powerful tool that brings AI capabilities to Google Sheets, making it easier to automate tasks and gain insights from your data.