Sense is an AI tool that helps individuals and teams organize and synchronize their work information. With Sense, all documents, links, files, and conversations are automatically organized and interconnected. You can search across all of your team"s apps, websites, and documents, ensuring that no information is lost or overlooked. Sense also provides sharing suggestions, so you never forget to share important information with the relevant people. The tool is ideal for teams that don"t have a single source of truth and have to search through multiple apps and chats. By automatically organizing work resources and providing personalized hubs, Sense boosts productivity and efficiency. It also offers integrations with popular tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Jira, and more. Privacy is a top priority for Sense, with data safely encoded and full user control over data. Sense is GDPR compliant and offers a free trial period. Overall, Sense is a user-friendly solution for simplifying information management and streamlining work processes.