Second Home is an AI-powered developer platform for startups that automates code migrations. It uses bots to write code and raise pull requests for common B2B SaaS web application features. Instead of searching for boilerplates, developers can configure exactly what they need and let a Second Developer Bot build the project from scratch. The platform also offers automatic upgrades via pull requests, ensuring that web applications stay up to date with the latest versions and capabilities. Second agents, powered by AI models like OpenAI and Anthropic, determine code change strategies, generate files, and modify files. These agents are designed specifically for code migrations, minimizing prompt drift and achieving migration accuracy of around 99%. Human developers can interface with Second agents via GitHub, Bitbucket, or Gitlab pull requests, with the ability to merge changes as desired. The platform is secure and can be run on-premise or in a private VPC. Second Home is aimed at simplifying the web development process, allowing developers to focus on more important tasks while the bots handle the repetitive work. It also provides intelligent recommendations for choosing the best tech stack for each situation.