SDF is a data development platform that simplifies SQL development. It offers intelligent workflows, column-level lineage analysis, and data governance features. With a compact size of only 60MB and built on Rust, SDF aims to make SQL development faster and more efficient. It serves as a scalable build system for data infrastructure, similar to Cargo for Rust or Node for Javascript. SDF compiles data contracts, queries, and policies together, allowing for code-level, time-level, and access-level dependencies. Its integrated scheduler takes care of backfills, and its lightning-fast local execution, data workspaces, and clear error messages aid in intuitive authoring with a 10X faster development speed. Deploying warehouses is simplified with a single command, and compliance is ensured through label propagation, data policies, and native enforcement. In addition, SDF provides a comprehensive data catalog with precise column-level lineage analysis. It can be used by organizations of any scale to maximize the use of their data while adhering to relevant policies and protections.