ScreenApp is a free online screen and audio recorder that allows users to easily capture their screen, with or without audio, and webcam. It offers unlimited recording time and can transcribe videos into text, making it easier to review and search instructional videos, presentations, webinars, and meetings. What sets ScreenApp apart is its AI-powered technology, which can summarize, simplify, compare, and gather insights from recordings, making it ideal for tech tutorials, training sessions, and meetings. The tool also offers secure storage and sharing of recordings, with the ability for team members to access and edit them with permission. Users can download recordings to their PC or save them in the cloud for easy sharing and revisiting. ScreenApp is suitable for a range of applications, including online meetings, webinars, presentations, and virtual training. It offers a personal touch with webcam recording, ensures video safety with cloud storage, and supports business use with customizable deployment options.