Safurai is an AI code assistant tool that aims to boost developers" productivity. It supports all programming languages and is available for free within Visual Studio Code. The tool helps developers save time by assisting with tasks such as code changes, optimization, and searches. It offers features like a textbox that allows users to ask for information, advice, and ideas enriched with generated code. Shortcuts enable users to highlight code and ask for explanations, optimizations, or unit tests. The assistant can be trained on specific projects for highly accurate responses, and there is a super search feature for natural language-based searching within projects. Safurai is compatible with various IDEs and has gained the trust of over 10,000 developers. It has received positive feedback for its time-saving capabilities and valuable insights. The tool is constantly evolving, and future features are in the pipeline. It is a free tool and ensures code safety. Safurai is an AI code assistant that revolutionizes the coding process by helping developers work faster, safer, and better.