RhetorAI is a conversational user survey tool powered by AI. It automates user interviews by asking follow-up questions based on user feedback, providing in-depth insights for faster product-market fit. With RhetorAI, you can collect feedback 24/7 without the need for manual interviews, allowing you to understand customer motivations and pain points. The tool also stores all interview transcripts for easy review. RhetorAI goes beyond traditional user surveys by helping you test price sensitivity, understand benefits, gauge product stickiness, identify word-of-mouth growth, prioritize features, obtain design feedback, understand user journeys, and discover unexpected use cases. It can ask expert follow-up questions on your behalf, eliminating the need to craft the perfect question. Additionally, RhetorAI"s summarization feature identifies and prioritizes important insights, ensuring efficient analysis of transcripts. While tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel provide data on what is happening, RhetorAI helps you understand the how and why, generating hypotheses from customer feedback and accelerating your path to achieving product-market fit. The tool is easy to use, offers a free version, and provides reliable insights.