Description is an AI-powered resume improvement platform that helps job seekers optimize their resumes for recruitment purposes. Using GPT4 algorithm, it analyzes resumes in just one minute and offers suggestions for fixing grammar mistakes, eliminating embarrassing mistakes and typos, and adjusting resume structure and personal skills. It generates completely new sections for resumes and even writes summaries of resumes and LinkedIn profiles based on CVs. The tool also offers an AI cover letter writer that crafts personalized cover letters tailored to each unique resume and specific job position desired. It optimizes cover letters with industry-specific keywords, ensures a professional tone and structure, and allows for time-saving efficiency by generating customized cover letters in seconds. Users can export their tailored cover letter as a visually appealing PDF and even create engaging email text to complement their cover letter. The platform has received positive feedback from customers who credit it with helping them create professional, standout resumes. offers various package options, including a free check with AI feedback, a full check with actionable improvements, and additional cover letters for discounted prices. Overall, this AI tool helps job seekers make their resumes stand out, get noticed by recruiters, and increase their chances of getting hired for their dream jobs.