Reflect is an automated web testing platform that offers end-to-end testing capabilities with unique AI features. It allows developers to create test suites 10x faster compared to code-based regression software like Selenium and Cypress, reducing the time spent on testing. It is a no-code tool, enabling product experts such as designers, product managers, and customer support to create automated tests without the involvement of developers. Reflect can execute a 10-minute manual test in under 30 seconds and supports parallel testing to save time for QA testers. With its visual testing features, Reflect can detect visual regressions, ensuring the quality of the UI. It integrates with popular CI/CD solutions like Jenkins and CircleCI for easy execution of tests during deployments. Reflect enables the creation of maintainable test suites by combining the ease-of-use of a no-code tool with the accuracy and expressiveness of a code-based tool. It offers fast test execution and unlimited test runs, eliminating bottlenecks in the development process. With Reflect, users can create and run tests quickly and efficiently without writing a line of code.