Description is a powerful AI coding assistant that offers a range of features to improve programming productivity and code quality. It combines code completion, refactoring, chat, and more. With its comprehensive AI toolbox, Refact can analyze existing code and detect bugs, productivity issues, and other coding problems. It suggests code completions based on context, including functions, classes, programming patterns, libraries, and APIs. It also identifies code that could be refactored for efficiency or clarity. Refact includes an AI chat feature, allowing users to ask questions or get help without leaving their IDE. Additionally, Refact can transform and analyze code, explaining unclear lines and converting code to a different language. The tool supports all major modern languages and frameworks and offers code privacy by allowing users to restrict access to files or projects. Users have the flexibility to choose between the cloud or on-prem version. is powered by multiple machine learning models and is designed to maximize the power of AI for code development.