Receipt Ai


Receipt-AI is an AI-powered tool that automates receipt management and saves users time by allowing them to text their receipts to Xero or QuickBooks from their phones or laptops. It eliminates the need for manual steps like taking pictures, uploading receipts to a computer, and attaching them to a CSV file. The tool uses machine learning to extract key information from the receipts, such as date, merchant name, and total amount. Users can invite their team members to collaborate by adding their phone numbers and easily download data as a CSV file. The tool is compatible with Xero and will soon support QuickBooks. It is designed to streamline the expense management process, free up space by storing receipts digitally, and prevent lost receipts. The tool offers different subscription plans based on the number of receipt photos and employees, providing secure storage in the cloud, business insights, and the ability to export receipts to CSV.