Query Kitty


QueryKitty is a portable AI chatbox powered by ChatGPT. It is a Chrome extension that aims to help users get more done in less time. With QueryKitty, users can ask questions across the web, eliminating the need to search through endless websites. It also allows users to turn their recently found content into a social growth engine, write emails, get help with Google Sheets, and generate quick react modules or JavaScript scripts. The extension offers a unique feature called "Personal Prompts," where users can save prompts they use frequently for easy access. QueryKitty is compatible with Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and chromium-based browsers. The extension doesn"t require logging in to use, but a pro version is available for users who want to fully access its capabilities. QueryKitty connects with ChatGPT in the background, using GPT3.5 for users with the free version and GPT4 for users with ChatGPT plus. The lifetime license for QueryKitty is available for a low cost and offers lifetime access with future updates. The creator of Query Kitty, Vaibhav, aims to make crypto talk understandable by providing crystal-clear views on projects, tokenomics, economic models, and performance metrics.