ProtoText is a free, minimalist desktop app designed for brainstorming, note-taking, creating multilingual text, flexible presentations, and managing project content. It offers unique features such as a card-based approach to writing, one-key markup, and split-screen view for flexible content control. Users can connect cards, pages, and documents into a network to organize knowledge and gain fresh insights. The tool also allows interaction with OpenAI products or favorite APIs to compose texts, create images, synthesize or recognize speech, and generate content using advanced neural networks. Additionally, ProtoText enables translation into any language while preserving the original text"s formatting. It includes features for full-screen presentations, exporting data with semantic formatting, and encrypting data for security. Potential applications include organizing media files, creating presentations, building knowledge bases, generating prompts for AI, and managing personal documents and recipes. Users can contribute to the project"s development and future goals through investment in Bitcoin.