The Upwork Proposals Generator is an AI tool designed to assist freelancers in creating unique and highly personalized proposals to increase their chances of winning more jobs on the Upwork platform. Unlike other tools, it goes beyond filling in pre-defined templates by getting to know the freelancer"s profile and reading the job posting to generate tailor-made service offers. The tool focuses on three key areas: speed, quality, and quantity. It enables freelancers to quickly craft exceptional proposals, personalized for each client, in approximately 30 seconds with ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo or around 180 seconds with ChatGPT 4.0. It ensures high-quality proposals by using the freelancer"s profile and the client"s requirements to highlight the best points of the offer, including local references, greetings in the client"s language, bold titles, emojis, and reviews from previous clients. The tool also helps freelancers maintain personalized proposals even when submitting a high volume of proposals. It offers different writing styles and even allows advanced users to create their own AI prompts. The tool"s goal is to attract clients and increase hireability. It is a Chrome extension created by an expert-vetted, top-rated Upwork freelancer with a perfect job success score. This tool can be useful for freelancers from various fields who want to save time and improve the quality of their proposals on Upwork.