Propel For Llm Apps


Propel is an AI-powered API platform that allows developers to easily build customer-facing analytics into web and mobile apps. It enables users to create custom dashboards, data features, and analytics API use cases quickly, without the need for complex data infrastructure. The tool offers fast and responsive analytics with sub-second load times, powerful drill-downs and filtering capabilities, and GPT-powered data exploration. With a unified platform, Propel can power multiple use cases, including reports, dashboards, data APIs, and usage metering. It easily integrates into existing data architectures, allowing users to connect to data warehouses, send events via Webhooks, and utilize Data Lakes in AWS S3 without the need for complicated pipelines or pre-aggregations. With GraphQL APIs, data visualization React UI components, and serverless analytics infrastructure, users can build analytics solutions in days, not months. Propel is designed to be developer-friendly, with a simple iterative process and ready-to-use components. It supports aggregation and caching without data engineering heavy lifting, provides sub-second response times over billions of rows, and integrates with any data warehouse, database, or streaming infrastructure. Propel is SOC 2 certified, GDPR and CCPA compliant, and offers usage-based pricing and multi-tenant access control. The tool has been trusted by CTOs and praised for its ability to deliver analytics quickly and efficiently, without the need for additional resources or extensive maintenance.