Description is an AI tool that allows SaaS and mobile app developers to easily integrate OpenAI"s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) into their applications and workflows. With Promptitude, developers can develop, test, manage, and improve prompts for text generation and information extraction. The tool offers a user-friendly interface for prompt creation and management and includes features such as built-in end-user rating and feedback collection to improve prompts. Promptitude also enables developers to mix and match different AI providers and models, reducing costs by selecting the most suitable model. The tool provides a centralized control center for managing GPT prompts and offers a curated prompt library for common use cases. Additionally, Promptitude offers Content Storage, allowing developers to upload their own content for personalized AI responses. The integration process is simple, requiring developers to make a single API call. Promptitude offers a free forever plan with limited features and can be easily scaled as the business grows. Potential applications of Promptitude include user onboarding, AI text generation, GPT hackathons, creative assistance, and personalized AI responses.