Predibase is a low-code AI platform for developers that enables them to train, finetune, and deploy various machine learning (ML) models quickly. It offers a declarative approach, eliminating the need for complex coding and allowing developers to build custom ML models or query pretrained large language models (LLMs) easily. With granular-level control and smart recommendations, users can manage and customize their models effectively. Predibase simplifies the process of deploying ML applications by providing a fully managed and scalable model serving infrastructure. It supports batch and real-time inference and offers flexible deployment options. The platform is designed for both beginners and experts, empowering software engineers to perform ML tasks without ML engineering expertise. Predibase is built on proven open-source technologies like Ludwig and Horovod. It has a wide range of use cases, including unstructured data analytics, recommendation systems, customer service automation, churn prediction, predictive lead scoring, anomaly detection, fraud detection, demand forecasting, and more. The models built on Predibase belong to the users and can be securely deployed within their virtual private clouds (VPCs), ensuring data privacy. Overall, Predibase is a powerful tool that streamlines the development, finetuning, and deployment of ML models, making AI accessible and efficient for developers.