Playbook Ai


Playbook is a modern creative file manager that allows designers to store, tag, and organize their files and folders in a beautiful and efficient way. It offers features such as visually browsing and sharing files, collaborating with team members and clients, and organizing work in a way that makes sense. The tool is powered by AI and aims to provide a neat and organized solution for creatives, eliminating the clutter of nested folders and subfolders. Users can create a beautiful gallery to showcase their work and easily gather feedback and comments. Playbook offers fast file loading and effective organization and planning capabilities. It is trusted by thousands of teams and designers and has been used by students from top design schools. Playbook is described as a combination of Dropbox and Pinterest, providing a ready-made portfolio format for displaying and organizing work. Overall, Playbook is a comprehensive AI-powered file manager with unique features tailored specifically for creative professionals.