Picstape is an AI-powered tool that allows real estate professionals to easily generate captivating property marketing videos in just 2 minutes. It eliminates the need for scripting, recording, and editing by providing AI-generated scripts, voiceovers, and synchronized presentations. Users can import property details from a Zillow link or manually upload images, and Picstape will automatically generate a video showcasing the essential features of the property. The tool also offers customizable background audio and voice options. With Picstape, real estate professionals can create professional-grade videos without the need for specialized skills or hiring voice actors. The videos can be easily shared on social media to attract potential buyers and enhance marketing efforts. Picstape aims to take the burden of video creation off the user"s shoulders, allowing them to focus on growing their business. The tool offers different pricing plans, including a free trial, a business plan with multiple video exports per month, and an enterprise plan with custom features and API access.