pgAssistant is a Chrome extension that enhances the functionality of pgAdmin, a SQL client, by providing an AI Assistant to help users write SQL queries more efficiently. With pgAssistant, users can write queries using natural language, as if they were describing them to another person, and the assistant will automatically translate them into SQL. This tool also offers the unique feature of automated schema inference, meaning users don"t need to manually configure or provide their database schema - the assistant will automatically infer the structure of the database tables and their relationships. One of the key advantages of pgAssistant is that it ensures data privacy since the assistant runs locally in the user"s browser and only sends the schema to the server for query generation. The beta version of pgAssistant is currently available for free with limited usage, and the Pro version, which will provide unlimited usage and additional features like explaining and optimizing queries, is available for pre-sale at a discounted price. Overall, pgAssistant is a powerful tool that simplifies SQL query writing, improves productivity, and enhances the user experience in pgAdmin.