Petal is an AI-powered document analysis platform that allows users to chat with their documents. It uses generative AI to provide accurate and reliable answers sourced directly from trusted documents. Petal can summarize, translate, and even draft new content using its built-in Notebook. It also offers collaboration features, allowing users to share documents, annotations, and comments with their team. Petal"s unique multi-document AI table enables users to compare documents and set filtering criteria using conversational natural language. The tool is designed to help users understand complex and technical topics quickly and easily. It can be used in academia, corporate research and development, and by industry experts. With Petal, users can turn their documents into experts and obtain instant, trustworthy answers. The platform also provides a centralized location for all knowledge and ensures document synchronization and security. Petal is trusted by over 20,000 researchers, faculty, and industry experts and is listed as a university resource by MIT. It offers a single source of truth for digital documents, automatic metadata extraction, file deduplication, and dedicated technical and scientific document support. Users can annotate documents, highlight key points, and share comments to enhance collaboration. Petal has been praised by its clients for simplifying workflows and enhancing productivity. The tool has an advisory board consisting of professionals in relevant domains who provide insights to help improve its execution. Petal offers a free trial option and can be accessed via sign up on their website.