Patterns is an AI tool that allows users to build powerful AI systems using reusable components. It offers a range of building blocks, such as webhooks, functions, tables, interfaces, and a reactive graph, to develop AI applications of any complexity. Users can easily integrate data, develop intelligent apps, and build mission-critical integrations, automations, and workflows with GPT. Patterns also provides modular low-level primitives for developing AI applications, allowing users to build simple data integrations or complex LLM knowledge bots. With Patterns, users can develop locally, deploy instantly, and analyze, monitor, and debug their AI systems. The tool supports various actions on external systems, such as sending Slack messages or Twilio SMS, and offers effortless infrastructure for high-performance apps with features like asynchronous task queues and massively parallel compute jobs. Patterns also provides connectivity to fully managed data integrations, enabling users to extract and load data into clean schemas with minimal effort. Overall, Patterns is a comprehensive AI tool that offers a wide range of functionalities, making it suitable for various applications, including text-to-SQL Slack bots, monitoring and alert systems, stable diffusion image bots, and technical support bots.