Parseur is an all-in-one data entry automation software that specializes in document processing and email parsing. It allows users to automate the extraction of text from emails, PDFs, and other documents and send that data directly to their business applications in real-time. Parseur offers template-based extraction, making it easy to set up data extraction workflows by creating templates to teach the software what data to extract. It also features automatic layout detection, eliminating the need for manual template routing rules when working with documents that have different layouts. Users can instantly send the parsed data to thousands of applications using native connectors to platforms like Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, and Make. Parseur is suitable for a wide range of industries and use cases, including email parsing, PDF extraction, spreadsheet consolidation, document parsing, and table extraction. It provides built-in templates for various purposes, such as parsing food orders and real estate leads. Parseur is designed for simplicity and does not require coding or technical skills to use. It offers a free plan with limited parsing capabilities and a commercial version for higher volumes of document parsing. Parseur is a comprehensive tool that combines OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities with intelligent document processing, making it suitable for robotic process automation, electronic data capture, and other data-intensive tasks.