Outerbase is a user-friendly AI tool that serves as an interface for databases, enabling users to view, update, and visualize data collaboratively without needing to have expertise in writing SQL. It allows users to create queries, columns, rows, tables, and schemas without writing SQL code. Users can edit data in-line, similar to a spreadsheet, and organize SQL queries in one place. The tool also allows users to share their queries with others, promoting collaboration. Outerbase can connect to popular databases like Postgres, MySQL, Redshift, Snowflake, SQLite, Microsoft SQL, BigQuery, and Oracle DB. It offers features such as autocomplete, tabs, data types for complex data, and variable embedding for flexible queries. It also provides the capability to easily generate charts and dashboards without writing SQL, with customizable options for different chart types. Outerbase aims to simplify data exploration and collaboration, making it easy for teams to make data-driven decisions.