OtterTune is an AI-powered tool that automatically tunes and optimizes the performance of PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, resulting in improved throughput, reduced costs, and enhanced overall efficiency. This tool is known for its convenience and security, being SOC 2 compliant and providing insights without accessing the application"s data. It continuously runs in the background, identifying opportunities for performance improvement by up to 4x. OtterTune offers a seamless three-step process: connecting the Amazon database, collecting data insights automatically, and autonomously tuning the database based on ML-generated recommendations. Users have control over the data accessed by OtterTune, ensuring the privacy of sensitive information. With its AI-generated recommendations, OtterTune allows users to take informed action and optimize their databases effectively. Applications of OtterTune span across organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, that face the challenges of cost and performance in Amazon database development.