The provided AI tool is an AI art generator that claims to enhance creativity and productivity by 10 times. It offers over 20 models and styles for users to choose from, supporting various functions such as txt2img, img2img, ControlNet, and inpainting. The tool also includes face/anime enhancement with 2x and 4x upscaling capabilities. Users can discover millions of AI-generated images as prompts for inspiration, train their own AI image generators, and easily create inspiring images with AI in seconds. The tool also allows for effortless image editing with features like inpainting. It offers a QR code generator for artistic QR Codes for a delightful scanning experience. The tool emphasizes the power of personalized AI models in unlocking new creative potential and offers examples of how artists, designers, marketers, writers, and game developers have leveraged AI to enhance their work. The tool provides 1000 free credits upon sign-up and offers subscriptions for additional credits. It allows users to use the images created on the platform for commercial purposes and has a limited allowance for NSFW content creation.