Onoco app is an all-in-one tool for parents to track, schedule, and share information about their baby"s care and development. Unlike other baby tracker apps, Onoco combines features for tracking feeds, naps, and milestones in one place. Parents can customize the app to record various activities, such as nappies, feeding, medicine, and growth, as well as create their own custom logs for activities like tummy time, bath time, and story time. The app provides analysis and insights about the baby"s weekly progress and allows parents to easily share this information with healthcare professionals or other caregivers. Onoco also offers a daily schedule view of the baby"s routine, including events like doctor"s appointments and healthcare visits. It tracks the baby"s development using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and provides brain-building tips tailored to the child"s age. Additionally, Onoco facilitates communication between parents and their child"s caregivers, allowing real-time updates, sharing of important information, and access to a shared calendar for planning. The app prioritizes safety, ease of use, and privacy, allowing parents to have peace of mind while managing their baby"s care.