One AI offers a Generative AI API that allows developers to integrate the world"s best Generative AI into their products quickly. With the ability to choose from a library of pre-built capabilities or customize their own, developers can embed GPT into their products. The tool is powered by GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 and can retrieve information from a knowledge base, decline unrelated requests, and sync with a One AI collection. The tool has various use cases, including embedded AI to improve user experience, customer management to automate service excellence, document analysis to transform documents into actionable data, and content AI to generate and process content tailored to the target audience. The AI Skills provided by One AI allow developers to focus on building great products while the tool manages development, fine-tuning, and infrastructure. Overall, One AI"s Generative AI API offers a powerful and customizable AI solution for analyzing and processing text, audio, and video at scale.