Olvy is an AI-powered tool designed for user-centric product teams to efficiently track, analyze, and manage user feedback. It offers an AI Copilot for Product Managers that provides deep insights and actionable summaries of customer feedback using OpenAI and GPT-4 technology. Olvy allows teams to integrate with multiple sources, including Twitter, Slack, Email, and Discord, to ensure no pain-points go unheard. It also offers various feedback collection widgets, automates feedback collection, and creates a central hub for user insights. With Olvy, teams can analyze user pain-points, prioritize feature development, communicate issues to the team and updates to customers, and easily integrate with project management tools. The tool also enables users to close the loop with customers by collecting, responding to, and categorizing feedback all in one place. Olvy has been praised by customers for its impact on their ability to collect, analyze, and respond to feedback effectively. Overall, Olvy helps product teams build products that customers love and facilitates efficient customer feedback management and analysis.