Naav is a project management tool that aims to improve the way projects are managed by providing efficiency and organization across organizations and teams. With features such as Kanban boards, backlog management, roadmap visualization, custom dashboards, sprints, releases, wikis, and a calendar, Naav offers a comprehensive set of tools to streamline project workflows. Unique features include AI integration for automatic task organization, lightning-fast search, default permissions for easy user access management, and activity logs to track project changes. The tool is designed with simplicity and modernity in mind, making it easy to use regardless of technical experience. It offers a mobile application for on-the-go task management and includes features like task filtering, collaboration, time tracking, task linking, and comments. Naav can help users stay organized, make data-driven decisions, communicate effectively, and track project progress. The pricing plans are flexible and include a free trial to test out the features. Customer support is available to assist users, and the tool supports various project management methodologies. Overall, Naav is a comprehensive project management tool with a user-friendly interface and advanced features to enhance productivity and efficiency.