MosaicML is an AI tool that allows users to easily train and deploy large language models (LLMs) and other generative AI models using their own data in a secure environment. It offers the ability to train large AI models at scale with a single command and provides options for deploying models inside a private cloud. One of the unique features of MosaicML is that users maintain full ownership of their models, including the model weights, ensuring data and model ownership. The tool is trusted by ML experts and offers open-source, commercially-licensed models that can be easily integrated into applications. MosaicML also provides secure deployment of LLMs for cost savings and offers curated endpoints for running inference. The tool is designed to be interoperable, cloud agnostic, and enterprise proven, allowing seamless integration with existing data pipelines and experiment trackers. It also offers efficiency optimizations, allowing users to run more experiments in less time. Overall, MosaicML simplifies the training and deployment of large AI models and offers flexibility, security, and control to users in various industries such as startups, financial services, federal agencies, and life sciences.