MORI is a genealogy software tool that allows users to collaborate with their family members and other genealogy enthusiasts to create and explore comprehensive family trees. The tool enables multiple users to work simultaneously on the same family tree, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication. Unique features include a follower mode, which allows users to track others" progress and connections, and powerful search capabilities that make finding information in the family tree quick and easy. MORI also offers AI-powered features such as picture enhancement and transcription of audio files. Users can easily share their family trees with others and enjoy features like automatic event timelines, robust source citations, and easy people management. MORI supports GEDCOM file imports and provides a collaborative interface where users can see and follow the movements of others in real-time. While MORI emphasizes collaboration, it is still functional for individual use. The tool is currently free during the beta phase, with potential paid subscriptions in the future for additional AI features and DNA testing. Ultimately, MORI aims to revolutionize the genealogy experience by bringing families closer together and engaging the next generation in the process.